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Authors and Reviewers
· G. Aggen Allegheny Ludlum Steel Division Allegheny Ludlum Corporation
· Frank W. Akstens Industrial Fasteners Institute
· C. Michael Allen Adjelian Allen Rubeli Ltd.
· H.S. Avery Consultant
· P. Babu Caterpillar, Inc.
· Alan M. Bayer Teledyne Vasco
· Felix Bello The WEFA Group
· S.P. Bhat Inland Steel Company
· M. Blair Steel Founders' Society of America
· Bruce Boardman Deere and Company Technical Center
· Kurt W. Boehm Nucor Steel
· Francis W. Boulger Battelle-Columbus Laboratories (retired)
· Greg K. Bouse Howmet Corporation
· John L. Bowles North American Wire Products Corporation
· J.D. Boyd Metallurgical Engineering Department Queen's University
· B.L. Bramfitt Bethlehem Steel Corporation
· Richard W. Bratt Consultant
· W.D. Brentnall Solar Turbines
· C.R. Brinkman Oak Ridge National Laboratory
· Edward J. Bueche USS/Kobe Steel Company
· Harold Burrier, Jr. The Timken Company
· Anthony Cammarata Mineral Commodities Division U.S. Bureau of Mines
· A.P. Cantwell LTV Steel Company
· M. Carlucci Lorlea Steels
· Harry Charalambu Carr & Donald Associates
· Joseph B. Conway Mar-Test Inc.
· W. Couts Wyman-Gordon Company
· Wil Danesi Garrett Processing Division Allied-Signal Aerospace Company
· John W. Davis McDonnell Douglas
· R.J. Dawson Deloro Stellite, Inc.
· Terry A. DeBold Carpenter Technology Corporation
· James Dimitrious Pfauter-Maag Cutting Tools
· Douglas V. Doanne Consulting Metallurgist
· Mehmet Doner Allison Gas Turbine Division
· Henry Dormitzer Wyman-Gordon Company
· Allan B. Dove Consultant (deceased)
· Don P.J. Duchesne Adjelian Allen Rubeli Ltd.
· Gary L. Erickson Cannon-Muskegon Corporation
· Walter Facer American Spring Wire Company
· Brownell N. Ferry LTV Steel Company
· F.B. Fletcher Lukens Steel Company
· E.M. Foley Deloro Stellite, Inc.
· R.D. Forrest Division Fonderie Pechinery Electrometallurgie
· James Fox Charter Rolling Division Charter Manufacturing Company, Inc.
· Edwin F. Frederick Bar, Rod and Wire Division Bethlehem Steel Corporation
· James Gialamas USS/Kobe Steel Company
· Jeffery C. Gibeling University of California at Davis
· Wayne Gismondi Union Drawn Steel Co., Ltd.
· R.J. Glodowski Armco, Inc.
· Loren Godfrey Associated Spring Barnes Group, Inc.
· Alan T. Gorton Atlantic Steel Company
· W.G. Granzow Research & Technology Armco, Inc.
· David Gray Teledyne CAE
· Malcolm Gray Microalloying International, Inc.
· Richard B. Gundlach Climax Research Services
· I. Gupta Inland Steel Company
· R.I.L. Guthrie McGill Metals Processing Center McGill University
· P.C. Hagopian Stelco Fastener and Forging Company
· J.M. Hambright Inland Bar and Structural Division Inland Steel Company
· K. Harris Cannon-Muskegon Corporation
· Hans J. Heine Foundry Management & Technology
· W.E. Heitmann Inland Steel Company
· T.A. HeussLTV Steel Bar Division LTV Steel Company
· Thomas Hill Speedsteel of New Jersey, Inc.
· M. Hoetzl Surface Combustion, Inc.
· Peter B. Hopper Milford Products Corporation
· J.P. Hrusovsky The Timken Company
· David Hudok Weirton Steel Corporation
· S. Ibarra Amoco Corporation
· J.E. Indacochea Department of Civil Engineering, Mechanics, and Metallurgy University of
Illinois at Chicago
· Asjad Jalil The Morgan Construction Company
· William J. Jarae Georgetown Steel Corporation
· Lyle R. Jenkins Ductile Iron Society
· J.J. Jonas McGill Metals Processing Center McGill University
· Robert S. Kaplan U.S. Bureau of Mines
· Donald M. Keane LaSalle Steel Company
· William S. Kirk U.S. Bureau of Mines
· S.A. Kish LTV Steel Company
· R.L. Klueh Metals and Ceramics Division Oak Ridge National Laboratory
· G.J.W. Kor The Timken Company
· Charles Kortovich PCC Airfoils
· George Krauss Advanced Steel Processing and Products Research Center Colorado School of
· Eugene R. Kuch Gardner Denver Division
· J.A. Laverick The Timken Company
· M.J. Leap The Timken Company
· P.W. Lee The Timken Company
· B.F. Leighton Canadian Drawn Steel Company
· R.W. Leonard USX Corporation
· R.G. Lessard Stelpipe Stelco, Inc.
· S. Liu Center for Welding and Joining Research Colorado School of Mines
· Carl R. Loper, Jr. Materials Science & Engineering Department University of Wisconsin-
· Donald G. Lordo Townsend Engineered Products
· R.A. Lula Consultant
· W.C. Mack Babcock & Wilcox Division McDermott Company
· T.P. Madvad USS/Kobe Steel Company
· J.K. Mahaney, Jr. LTV Steel Company
· C.W. Marshall Battelle Memorial Institute
· G.T. Matthews The Timken Company
· Gernant E. Maurer Special Metals Corporation
· Joseph McAuliffe Lake Erie Screw Corporation
· Thomas J. McCaffrey Carpenter Steel Division Carpenter Technology Corporation
· J. McClain Danville Division Wyman-Gordon Company
· T.K. McCluhan Elkem Metals Company
· D.B. McCutcheon Steltech Technical Services Ltd.
· Hal L. Miller Nelson Wire Company
· K.L. Miller The Timken Company
· Frank Minden Lone Star Steel
· Michael Mitchell Rockwell International
· R.W. Monroe Steel Founders' Society of America
· Timothy E. Moss Inland Bar and Structural Division Inland Steel Company
· Brian Murkey R.B. & W. Corporation
· T.E. Murphy Inland Bar and Structural Division Inland Steel Company
· Janet Nash American Iron and Steel Institute
· Drew V. Nelson Mechanical Engineering Department Stanford University
· G.B. Olson Northwestern University
· George H. Osteen Chaparral Steel
· J. Otter Saginaw Division General Motors Corporation
· D.E. Overby Stelco Technical Services Ltd.
· John F. Papp U.S. Bureau of Mines
· Y.J. Park Amax Research Company
· D.F. Paulonis United Technologies
· Leander F. Pease III Powder-Tech Associates, Inc.
· Thoni V. Philip TVP Inc.
· Thomas A. PhillipsDepartment of the Interior U.S. Bureau of Mines
· K.E. Pinnow Crucible Research Center Crucible Materials Corporation
· Arnold Plant Samuel G. Keywell Company
· Christopher Plummer The WEFA Group
· J.A. Pojeta LTV Steel Company
· R. Randall Rariton River Steel
· P. Repas U.S.S. Technical Center USX Corporation
· M.K. Repp The Timken Company
· Richard Rice Battelle Memorial Institute
· William L. Roberts Consultant
· G.J. Roe Bethlehem Steel Corporation
· Kurt Rohrbach Carpenter Technology Corporation
· A.R. Rosenfield Battelle Memorial Institute
· James A. Rossow Wyman-Gordon Company
· C.P. Royer Exxon Production Research Company
· Mamdouh M. Salama Conoco Inc.
· Norman L. Samways Association of Iron and Steel Engineers
· Gregory D. Sander Ring Screw Works
· J.A. Schmidt Joseph T. Ryerson and Sons, Inc.
· Michael Schmidt Carpenter Technology Corporation
· W. Schuld Seneca Wire & Manufacturing Company
· R.E. Schwer Cannon-Muskegon Corporation
· Kay M. Shupe Bliss & Laughlin Steel Company
· V.K. Sikka Oak Ridge National Laboratory
· Steve Slavonic Teledyne Columbia-Summerill
· Dale L. Smith Argonne National Laboratory
· Richard B. Smith Western Steel Division Stanadyne, Inc.
· Dennis Smyth The Algoma Steel Corporation Ltd.
· G.R. Speich Department of Metallurgical Engineering Illinois Institute of Technology
· Thomas Spry Commonwealth Edition
· W. Stasko Crucible Materials Corporation Crucible Research Center
· Doru M. Stefanescu The University of Alabama
· Joseph R. Stephens Lewis Research Center National Aeronautics and Space Administration
· P.A. Stine General Electric Company
· N.S. Stoloff Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
· John R. Stubbles LTV Steel Company
· D.K. Subramanyam Ergenics, Inc.
· A.E. Swansiger ABC Rail Corporation
· R.W. Swindeman Oak Ridge National Laboratory
· N. Tepovich Connecticut Steel
· Millicent H. Thomas LTV Steel Company
· Geoff Tither Niobium Products Company, Inc.
· George F. Vander Voort Carpenter Technology Corporation
· Elgin Van Meter Empire-Detroit Steel Division Cyclops Corporation
· Krishna M. Vedula Materials Science & Engineering Department Case Western Reserve
· G.M. Waid The Timken Company
· Charles F. Walton Consultant
· Lee R. Walton Latrobe Steel Company
· Yung-Shih Wang Exxon Production Research Company
· S.D. Wasko Allegheny Ludlum Steel Division Allegheny Ludlum Corporation
· J.R. Weeks Brookhaven National Laboratory
· Charles V. White GMI Engineering and Management Institute
· Alexander D. Wilson Lukens Steel Company
· Peter H.Wright Chaparral Steel Company
· B. Yalamanchili North Star Steel Texas Company
· Z. Zimerman Bethlehem Steel Corporation
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