Guide to shaving

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Guide to shaving

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1. Not to try to lengthen the beard too.

2. If this is not possible sfoltitela with a special razor for long hairs which are equipped with the most electric shavers.

3. The beard should be done early in the morning on an empty stomach.

4. The greenhouse at bedtime Put the cream to soften hands over his face so that the night act.

5. Prepare you need is:
----------> A) synthetic brush or rate
----------> B) non-metal bowl full of water
----------> C) metal cup with shaving cream inside
----------> D) 3 p
----------> E) with razor sharp blade or razor past on real leather.
----------> F) Disinfectant
----------> G) perfume
----------> H) after-shave cream
----------> I) paper or cloth to clean razor.

6. Disinfect the razor.

7. Put the cup with water in the microwave and while he warms up (not exaggerated to plan the wattage otherwise cola all out) ...

8. You take a shower.

9. Wash your face in while.

10. After the shower insist on your face with warm water to soften the hair.

11. Dries but it dries your face, excess water will go away by itself.

12. Get the 3p, and since you do the rpima past abound.

13. Take the cup with water, now hot.

14. Wet the brush and put it into the cup with soap and begin to soaps.

15. The soap you have to massage it slightly in any direction not only in low or only altto but also to the side etc..

16. Put yourself in the mirror well lit.

17. Put some cold water on your fingers and gently massage the cheeks and under his neck to feel where the hair is harder, the cold water aiuteraà the foam to come off his hair during shaving and improve the view, the fact of touch with hand the foam will eliminate air bubbles formed with the brush and then run the razor will be more fluid.

18.Tendete skin and the razor is inclined at an angle of <= 30 degrees begin to shave in the direction of beard growth and then do the hair, starting from where it is more difficult.

19. The razor while shaving if the portalametta sciaquatelo as often as possible in hot water if it is true, however, only used to clean cloth or paper as often as possible.

20. When you are finished and risciaquatelo disinfettatevi face with warm water, put the 3p and again with the foam brush.

21. Against the grain and you make any adjustments.

22. Sciaquatevi with hot water to remove any soap residue, then very cold water to close pores and dry face and disinfettatevi because even any small cuts.

23. Clean everything.

24. Put the perfume on her face trying to obscure the screams

25. Get the the aftershave balm.

If you have a cut-throat razor FACT:
The razor is well dried and pinned open for air-dried, before leaving after you've done all your stuff and take it with an open hand the place over there in the verse that is also used for leather, only 5 passed is down on that and then 10 and then put it in place

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