Shaving Brushes

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Shaving Brushes

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B] Introduction [/ b]

The term shaving brush [/ b] refers to that object with a handle to which are applied to the bristles, natural or synthetic, to spread on the face of soap or shaving cream before shaving.
The handle can 'be made of various materials, from the' cheapest to the most 'precious, therefore more' expensive.

History [/ b]

The invention of shaving brush can be 'traced back to 1750 [/ b] circa.Nella meta'dello second period, JJPerret [/ b] and wrote divulge' work, Art [/ b] on whether to shave '"[/ b]. It was like' this instrument before 'part of the everyday life of people, from the least to the most' well off.
It was not uncommon to find brushes with handles of ivory, gold, silver, shell, crystal and more porcellana.Le bristle brushes' were expensive rates.

Synthetic Handles [/ b]

Today, synthetic materials provide more economical 'object.
In this case, for shaving brushes using nylon handles, Urethane or Polyurethane and Plastica.La nature of the material covered and 'up the neck not affect [/ b] on shaving.
[/ B]
Types of bristles [/ b]

The synthetic bristles more 'used for shaving brushes are nylon.In some cases you can find natural bristles (boar) mixed with synthetic (nylon).
Compared with a synthetic bristle, boar bristle has a greater capacity 'to [b] water retention [/ b]. This' implies a greater capacity' to spread the soap on the face both quantitatively and qualitatively.
However, [b] bristle boar breaks into more 'easily than a corresponding nylon. [/ B]
Bristles [b] rate [/ b] are the most 'suited to the barba.Non brushes break easily, are soft on the face, have great abilities' water retention.

[B] Type of bristles rate [/ b]

There are [b] three types of hair rate [/ b] [b] Pure Badger [/ b] [b] Best Badger [/ b] [b] Super (or Silvertip) Badger * [/ b].

[B] Pure Badger [/ b]: The Pure Badger brush is made from the fur from the belly of tasso.Questa type of hair covering roughly 60% of the body 's animale.Questo kind of hair and' is gross and a rather 'hard' contact with skin color and viso.Il 'dark, but there is intrusion of light brown hair with silver highlights.

[Img] ... ed-men.jpg [/ img]

[B] Best Badger [/ b]: The Best Badger brush is made from badger hair piu'fini and malleable, which cover 20-25% of the body. They have a length greater than the previous ones and are more 'clear . produce, once soaked in water, more 'foam brush Badger Still, even if that seems proprieta'non occur systematically, which always feel vera.Diversamente Even the Badger but', the Best Badger brush bristles are more 'long and not "cut off" like the first.

[Img] https: / / ... t/K-H8.jpg [/ img]

[B] Super Badger: [/ b] The badger in a Super Badger brush is selected attentamente.Una test to see if a brush rate and 'truly' Super 'is to examine the tips of peli.Non must be white rather than white on grigio.Questo "off" and it must not extend over the surface, but remain isolated at the tip.

[IMG] [/ IMG]

[B] rate Silvertip brush [/ b]: The rate Silvertip brush, and 'among the most' valuable (and expensive). Fur and 'selected carefully and form "flared" which is given to the bristles, once attached to the handle, means' that the brush can hold a large amount 'of water, soap, and then "mount" more' easily.
Manufacturers of brushes such as [b] Plisson, Simpson and Rooney [/ b], provide varying degrees of quality 'also with regard to the brushes Silvertip.Si measure quality' as if a brush It has been emphasized or less artificially white on the tips of hair and checking until the level of the hair, the white extends.

[Img] [/ img]

[B] * The company believes that Vulfix Super Silvertip Badger and Badger are two distinctive categories of badger hair. [/ B]

Bibliography: ... ving_Brush

[B] A bit 'clarity ...[/ b]

As you can see in practice, and 's a bit hard to recognize a model "real" of a certain type of brushes, from an "alleged." As with razors, then, and' good out some basic rules, easily achievable in a shop to check the goodness' of a brush in rate.
The rate and 'a mammal of the weasel family, a stumpy body with shaggy fur and a pointed snout white, crossed by two black stripes na mask with "thief." He uses his hair for shaving brushes because' and 'outcome thin, soft and durable use of torture that he must do.
The quality 'of the hair and the rate' data, as well as its smoothness, the position of his body, the black-footed and it is 'the least valuable, and the gray' and hip and 'the most' used also because 'and' the most 'rich of the animal, the white one is from the back and is' the most 'pregiato.Poi there' the hair of mountain rate (rate silver) [/ i], which nosed is white and shiny, has a dark crown uniform destination 'and is' the most 'beautiful and the most' caro.Il summer hair and 'rough winter and the' elastic and slippery.
[B] To check its quality '[/ b] right hand to slide the hair brush, taking with her left hand, com'e'anche the use of fur, when they want to check the hair animali.Il of hair qualita'dovra 'be the same both internally and externally as having the power to straighten the most' possibile.Per quickly assess the optimum size for the face, and 'can also control the width of the hair by pushing on the back hand.

[B] Personal note [/ b]
Rates belong to a protected species is protected in North America than in China Europa.In instead, since they create damage to agriculture, [b] are killed barbarously [/ b]. The badger hair to make brushes all come from them '. For this reason, I prefer not to use brushes rate.

[B] How to use the brush [/ b]

While it is necessary to have a good quality shaving brush ', you must also follow the right precautions for use and do a thorough maintenance, perhaps along the following decalogue.

1.Before use, Always wet your brush with warm water if possible because 'his hair swells and retains the best sapone.Cercare not let it dry during the shave because' the foam loses its proprieta'emollienti.

2.Strofinarlo slightly (if using a bowl) when the soap and 'soft because' makes too much cream, paste, soap and if the 'hard end lascera'una foam useful for the next time.

3.Se using shaving cream tube, usarne little at a time (about 2 cm) put half 'on each side of the face and never on the brush, because' most of the cream in hair and would find it difficult 'to leave .

4.Se using the soap hard (stick), move the brush on its end or rather straight face: beard grown during the night they pick '(scratch) the right dose.

5.Usare the brush in a circular motion, making the rounds to complete the tip to avoid weakening the core of setole.Evitare in the most 'NOT use the brush crushing it on the chin because' time is not in accordance with the "hole the tuft.

6.Per avoid splashing or soap on the mirror in the bathroom, keep the hair together with the help of four fingers (especially over longer distances) in order to make more 'short and longer' drive the brush, copying such taken by the customary ritual of the barber.

7.Finito to use the brush to make him lose the soap left in the hair, put as soon as possible perpendicularly under running water until the water returns trasparente.Le substances in shaving soaps can be harmful for animal hair.

8.Scuotere the brush making sure to keep the hair down and squeeze the clump with your fingers to bring out the water rimasta.Contrariamente to what is often suggested, 'well why not dry with the towel' you traumatise further hair brush.

9.Appenderlo upside down on its support for it to dry well, not to enter the water in the handle and make sure that the clump is [the] humidity combined , so 'that you will find the day after the normal form and not with the hair open and expanded, not useful to schiuma.Ovviamente to dry away from heat.

10.Se possible, avoid using it twice in one day (to rest), rinse occasionally with a water borica.Se you must store it for long, once completely dry, protect it with rich naftalina.In travel if not used, the brush must be placed in cylindrical form to keep the hair as long as the container is perforated to allow the necessary ventilation.

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