Industrial Soap

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Industrial Soap

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There are excellent industrial soaps, although produced with industrial methods and not by hand, not much different than soap that can be produced at home.
However for the majority of soaps and so it is not necessary to consider the possible disadvantages:

• In most soaps, the glycerin is removed for reuse as a byproduct. In practice this means that industrial soaps dry the skin more since the glycerine naturally moisturizes the skin.
• Some antibacterial soaps (and advertised as such) also kill the bacteria that live symbiotically on the skin and therefore are useful in preserving skin health. Some of these soaps contain triclosan that, when exposed to sunlight, breaks down into dioxin.
• Many detergents contain additives such as sodium laureth sulfate which is established to be a skin irritant. Furthermore this additive is widely used in other products such as shampoo, bath foam, toothpaste etc. For a long time (and perhaps still is) on the Internet is bounced an appeal against the sodium laureth sulfate as a carcinogen, and this appeal is actually a hoax, this additive is irritating but basically safe.

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