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Henry Clifton Sorby



Henry Clifton Sorby

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The knife of Sheffield were among the first to study chemical methods for creating doughs for sharpening razors and so on.
The studies began with a scientist's son Henry Clifton Sorby knife such that since the early 1860 'a systematic observation of metallic materials under a microscope using incident light.
For polishing the surfaces of the samples is carefully developed for the first time, abrasion with emery grain size more and more 'end.
Sorby also must ilprocedimento metallurgical attack with diluted nitric acid.
By careful observation of the structural components is devised a system that allows you to examine the rays reflected from the surfaces chemically attached: the reflectivity of a surface and 'in fact vary according to the same or more' or less agreda by chemical solution that is used, thus Sorby can distinguish where the iron and 'low concentration of dissolved carbon combined with more than quantita'di this element and in this way shows a lamellar structure and a constituent-looking but very non-crystalline hard.
Sorby was also the one who first look 'as the structure changes as a function of heat treatments by presenting the results to the "Iron and Steel Institute.
So 'began' in-depth study of metal instruments and studies sull'affilatura and their treatment.
The news I have learned from Professor Walter Nicodemi the Politecnico di Milano, via his articles and lectures.
I learned a lot from him about the treatment of steels for tools, buildings and industrial processes on them, and then allowed me to understand in a more 'scientific experiences and tramandatemi from my relatives in a "popular".
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